chinti and parker meets net a porter

by chintiandparker

C+P were thrilled to be invited to show their collection to the buying team at the ultimate Net a Porter. We did our usual travelling sales women trick (ie we take the relevant seasons collections with us) but this time we did it wth more finesse….. We wheeled it all in on rails, very refined!! NAP have just moved into their new office above Westfield (we were a little cynical to start off with but truly, Westfield is a great place!) – to say the office is amazing is an understatement. Enormous black laquered doors, as you would expect glamourous fashion types in very impressive heels and the infamous screen that shows you how much NAP have taken so far that day. Not only how much, but where the person is buying in the world but also what they have chosen – its fascinating. What an experience… C+P team, delighted to be launching on NAP’s site at the end of May….