4 day taste of Chinti and Parker…

by chintiandparker

My Name is Tanya Anand, I am 16 years old and i have recently been doing an internship at Chinti and Parker headquarters, Curzon Street, London. On taking the train that would typically brake down, which had made me half an hour late for my first day of internship, I arrived at the beautiful building and rushed up to the office in a huff, worried sick about how late i was, only to be warmly welcomed by Anna, Rachael and Sophie. Hastily, i scrambled my speech together as apologised for my tardiness, but then the words “its fine” with Anna’s reassuring smile let loose a huge sigh of release from me.

The team and everyone else in the office building are so friendly and the atmosphere is more than hospitable, which made it a pleasure to walk into the office each morning.

From then on working with the team became more natural and comfortable for me. Although there was one tedious task which I was requested to do, that being the dreaded ‘swift tags’, which didnt look too bad at first but then when i had been doing them for 2 hours or so i began to go into “zombie mode” as Sophie would say, where ticking off the little boxes on the tags just flowed straight out of me like a reflex! I must have done at least a few hundreds of them, I guess i am a natural at it! This was the only task which may have been typical of ‘making the most’ of an intern, even then i think i am over exaggerating slightly.

The Chinti and Parker team have been spectacular in treating me with responsiblilties and as a young adult, which is a nice change from the always frantically worried mother, as the team night remember a certain embarassing phone call from her!

Working in this enviroment is truley inspirational to those who have always had an interest in fashion like me. Whilst walking into the office to find a magnificant wall of the collection designs, and all of the garments which the company had produced, made me think “wow this is the real deal here.” The professionalism and orginisation of everyone is impeccable, almost like what you see in the reality TV shows of Beverly Hills. With the element of hardwork from the team and then a moment of light hearted chat, and then back to work again. It makes one really want to be a part of it.

I loved getting involved and doing the tasks that the team had selected for me. My favourite was when I was asked to make the scrap books for their different seasonal colections. I felt lots of pressure to get it just right for them, and I felt that it was a huge responsibility despite how relaxed the team were.

Another good experience which i had was sitting with Anna and Rachael in one of their business meetings. They were discussing the future plans for their company, and after having just done a business GCSE, each point seemed to make sense to me. It taught me that there are many small and large issues to consider about running a successful business.

One of the great highlights to working at Leconfield House, and i am sure every member of the office will agree with me on this, is the exquisite food that they get for lunch. Its a shame that my school lunch doesn’t compare to theirs in the slightest!

My four days at Chinti and Parker have honestly been memorable and exciting. It is the first taste of professional working life that i have had and all i can say is that i am so glad that I did this experience with Chinti and Parker. I am so grateful to them for having me at their busiest time of year and i very much hope to come to work with them again. One of the reasons being that they have abolished the tick boxes on the swing tags!