Style Slicker ♥’s Chinti and Parker!

by chintiandparker

Style Slicker has just published a lovely piece about our little Bloggers tea we held at Goodley PR a few weeks ago.

Style Slicker wrote:

“I love a piece of clothing that has deep meaning of life, where the materials come from, how it is made, design with love and passion, appreciate story and journey of a successful brand.  Conscious cloth – natural cells and fibres were once alive-and-kicking organisms-beings before producing into a product, made and treated in a respectable manner. It makes you think of how you treat your clothes where-ever you buy your clothes from, how you wash your clothes in 40′C heat or worse chuck your cheap top in the bin after 15 wears….where’s the respect?

Chinti & Parker launched by the cousins Anna Singh (pictured) and Rachel Wood in 2009, the brand stocks in Matches, Start, Net-a-Porter and the likes.  Their designs of basic essentials includes t-shirts and jumpers produced in ethically sourced materials i.e organic pesticide free cotton, bamboo fibres and seaweed.  The brand has had a strong loyal celebrities fans like Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey.  Their success story goes on and on and continues on HERE, it’s a jolly good read and indeed educational.

Thanks Goodley PR and Chinti & Parker for inviting me over and a gifted top”.

Thank you Style Slicker we love you too!