New Year’s resolutions from the Chinti team

by chintiandparker

NUVOLA DE STEFANO, design and production assistant at Chinti and Parker

My personal motto in 2012 is ‘people smile back to happy faces’, so I’m going to smile until it’s a real and permanent fixture.
I’m going to spend more time travelling.
I am quitting filling my room with useless stuff, everything I don’t use for a couple of months will go to charity shop!

The image that’s going to make me do all of this and hopefully more is:

ANNA SINGH, co-founder, Chinti and Parker

My personal motto in 2012 is that sage old adage:  ‘one thing at a time..’
I’m going to spend more time reading books in bed.
Not only am I quitting cakes (doughnuts in particular) but I am quitting stressing in general!

Books to make a start on: 

RACHAEL WOOD, co-founder, Chinti and Parker

My 2012 motto centres around the sentiment ‘home is where the heart is.’ Home is not literally my house but me, my neighbours and what my area has to offer.
I’m going to get to know my community better by getting involved in lots of activities.
This year you will find me at the local “village hall” learning to tap dance, singing in the choir…and generally getting out there and involved.

Something like this:

VICTORIA HERBERT, web graphics and copywriter for Chinti and Parker

My 2012 motto is simple: think less, do more

I plan to spend at least 50% of my free time outdoors, walking my dog and then wild swimming as soon as May 1st hits

Instead of giving up sugar, I’m giving up another empty rush, fast fashion. When I shop for clothes it’ll be because they’re beautifully made, flattering and won’t date in six months time.

Nature is ceaselessly amazing: