A BIGGER SPLASH OF COLOUR: We talk David Hockney

by chintiandparker

Chinti and Parker’s Spring Summer 2012 collection is awash with Hockney style pieces

It’s fair to say that Britain is in the grips of Hockney fever. His RA show, A Bigger Picture, has opened to mass acclaim with people up and down the country cheering his colourful landscapes, reassuringly authentic brushstrokes and remarkable iPad ‘paintings’. So when it transpired that Chinti co-founder, Rachael Wood’s neighbour, the artist, Penny Graham, was an acquaintance, we leapt at the chance to talk Hockney, his love of colour and bold personal style with her.

How do you know DH?
Well, a great friend of mine who’s sadly no longer alive, gave him his first show at The Whitechapel gallery and although I don’t know him personally, I’ve encountered him many times over the years through friends who are close to him.

How would you describe Hockney’s style?
He’s always been a frightfully good dresser – when he was younger and lived round here in Powis Terrace, he was known for his different coloured socks and turning up to parties in a gold lamé jacket and assortment of brightly coloured clothes. His dress sense has always reflected his character: very lively, very funny and a bit of a tease.

What do you think of the mood in fashion at present and do you think DH approves?
Fashion now is so anonymous compared to what it was when I was young [in the 60s and 70s]. We really wore some wild stuff. When I think of style back then, black simply didn’t feature – colour was everywhere. Very Hockney in fact.

You’ve been to see A Bigger Picture, what were the highlights?
The sheer volume of work: this man is just so prolific! And his sketchbooks are heaven. If you visit, make sure you take a good look at these – I made the attendant turn every single page of each of them for me.

Penny Graham began her career as a fashion editor in the 60s and 70s. Today she is an artist known for her beautiful interior vignettes. www.pennygraham.co.uk

Above: Artworks by Penny Graham