Bloggers’ Delight – Chinti and Parker host a supper for New York’s top style bloggers

by chintiandparker

Fresh off the red eye from New York this morning, Chinti and Parker founders Anna Singh and Rachael Wood couldn’t wait to regale the rest of the team with their recent Big Apple encounters, in particular the bloggers supper they hosted with BlueStripe PR at hip new Lower East Side hangout, The Fat Radish.

Jealous? Much. The Fat Radish does humble English comfort food New York style, which means to impeccably high standards and with plenty left over for a doggy bag. Not only that, but they were up close and personal with 8 of New York’s most powerful young taste-makers.

So what’s the rub on New York’s bloggerati? Well, they’re unfeasibly well-dressed with model figures,  they find classic Anglo-American linguistic differences endearingly funny (think bum bag versus fanny pack). They are also firm friends and are genuinely supportive of each other’s projects, forming a type of bloggers sorority, something that is sorely lacking this side of the pond.

Here are the blogs and their bloggers. Which ones do you like and why?

Brooklyn Blonde – Helena Glazer
DeLune – Claire Geist
Eat Sleep Wear – Kimberly Pesch
Keiko Lynn – Keiko Lynn
My Style Pill – Christine Cameron
Natalie Off Duty – Natalie Suarez
Stripes & Sequins – Grace Atwood
With Love from Kat – Kat Tanita