Chinti get up close with ethical fashion maverick Greta Eagan

by chintiandparker

The downright gorgeous Greta Eagan, founder of ethical style bibles, Greta Guide and FASHIONmeGREEN

When and why did you launch Greta Guide?
I launched GretaGuide in November of 2009. I ran GretaGuide as my personal blog and also launched a few months later as a sustainable fashion awareness project. This year, I transferred over my posting full time to FMG and am using that as my main blogging platform these days.

What do you love most about your job?
I would have to say the flexibility and freedom. I have a flexible schedule which is great for when I receive an invitation to attend an event or host a project because I usually can say yes. And I love the freedom of being able to write what I want, highlight the brands and products I would actually buy and feel are stylish as well as giving ‘eco-makeovers’ with a sense of style. That really resonates with me.

How would you make the fashion industry more ethical?
For me it comes down to awareness and education. If a brand or designer can educate themselves on just one area (water conservation, fair trade, vegetable dying, textile recycling) and commit their brand DNA to that initiative we all benefit.

Who are your ultimate ethical fashion designers?
Some of my favorites include: Henrietta Ludgate, Nina Dolcetti (for shoes), The Sway NYC, Partimi, Stella McCartney and of course Chinti & Parker!

Which Chinti styles do you like most?
I love the Heart Elbow Patch Sweater, Breton Skirt with red patch pockets and the Oversize T in aubergine.

Do you have a personal motto?
Some is better than none. If you can do something to help conserve our resources or support a social cause, that is better than nothing – no matter how small your contribution through actions or monetary support.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Getting back in bed with a cup of tea and a book on a week day.