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What’s Vinny wearing today?

There’s always a sample that needs to be tried on for size here at Chinti HQ and this afternoon’s volunteer was the adorable Vinny – Anna’s Cocker Spaniel. You can tell he’s grown up around fashion, Vinny happily tested some cashmere, even posing for photos!

Vinny chilling out chez Chinti

Vinny testing some cashmere


Will you marry me? The Boyfriend Sweater proves its hero status on Valentine’s Day

Georgia Frost wears Chinti and Parker hero piece, The Boyfriend Sweater

So ladies, what are you wearing this Valentine’s Day? If you’re at loss or don’t do ‘sexy’, may we steer you towards our Boyfriend Sweater. A deliciously oversize piece of cashmere gorgeousness, it possesses a sexy nonchalance that has accrued a devoted following. Not only that, a close associate of Chinti and Parker was wearing her beloved Boyfriend this time a year ago when lo and behold the man of her dreams popped the question. Perhaps we should rename it The Husband?

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