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Chinti and Parker gathered full skirt

This is how Anna, Rachael, Ashley and Sophie turned up at work today…no joking!
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Menswear Inspiration

Since the beginning, Chinti and Parker has looked to menswear for inspiration. Anna and Rachael love the tomboy aesthetic. They’ve always channelled boyish charm with slouchy pockets, granddad style elbow patches and oversized sweaters.

Clearing out our offices for the big move to Wigmore Street, we found some of our original moodboards from back in 2009 when Chinti and Parker had just been founded. There’s an air of nostalgia in the office today, however the boyish charm featured on these boards remains as current as ever.

Chinti and Parker moodboard

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

We’re moving

We’re packing up Chinti HQ and moving to Wigmore Street!!! We’re highly excited to have shiny new offices, but what we’re most looking forward to is having Selfridges 30 seconds away from our front door…dangerous!

The chicer version of us right now

What’s Vinny wearing today?

The lovely Vinny let us dress him up for the second week in a row. Today he skilfully worked a Breton skirt, sorry Vin!

Vinny working a breton skirt

Vinny and Anna

And here’s the link in case you missed Vinny’s cashmere photoshoot.

What’s Vinny wearing today?

There’s always a sample that needs to be tried on for size here at Chinti HQ and this afternoon’s volunteer was the adorable Vinny – Anna’s Cocker Spaniel. You can tell he’s grown up around fashion, Vinny happily tested some cashmere, even posing for photos!

Vinny chilling out chez Chinti

Vinny testing some cashmere

Behind the scenes

Team Chinti, Edie the dog and a whole host of photography professionals gathered together for a lovely summer photoshoot. Here are some sneaky behind-the-scenes shots of our fun. We managed to pick a beautiful day so think scorching sun, ice lolly breaks and keeping cool under large birch trees.

First shot of the day

Beautiful scenery

Edie cooling down in the mud

Edie making friends

Ice lolly break

Keeping cool in the shade

Snap snap

Chinti for Colette!

We’re very excited to announce our Chinti for Colette collaboration. We’re huge fans of the Parisian store and have developed three exclusive sweaters for them. Samples arrived in the office earlier today and we’ve already had a bit of a try-on sesh!!

Rachael, Anna and Sophie in their Chinti and Parker for Colette sweaters

Welcome Ashley!

Ashley McMahon

The lovely Ashley has just joined us at Chinti HQ as our new UK sales associate. Asside from Chinti (!), Ashley loves her puppy Twiglet and sailing in Cornwall – welcome Ashley!

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