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Chinti Inspiration: Two Greedy Italians

Sophie Thorn, Chinti and Parker sales and operations manager

 My new “Two Greedy Italians” cookbook is inspiring me. My husband and I love re-creating their rustic, stripped back Italian recipes with a glass of wine or two.
This weekend? Ragù alla Napoletana!


Chinti Inspiration: Masserano

Nuvola de Stefano, Chinti and Parker design and production assistant

 I’m going to my home town of Masserano, Italy TOMORROW for my sister’s wedding. I really can’t wait to spend time with my family and enjoy the hot weather and bathing in the pool and nearby river.

Chinti Inspiration: Meditation

Anna Singh, Chinti and Parker co-founder
My new meditation practice is inspiring me. Whilst it’s difficult to get up at 6.30, it sets me up for the day and allows me to get creative with Chinti.

Chinti Inspiration: My Garden

Phiona Mundle, Chinti and Parker production manager

My garden is inspiring me at the moment. All this rain means it’s looking beautiful and green and my strawberries are taking shape. I can’t wait to actually get out there!

Chinti Inspiration: Cupcakes

Julia Owen, Chinti and Parker social media intern

 Having become a TOTAL Pinterest fan, I’ve discovered the platform isn’t all about fashion (!) and that it’s also a lovely way to showcase beautiful cupcakes. I’m not quite ready to post mine online yet, but I’ve definitely found some inspiration!

Chinti Inspiration: The Amalfi Coast

Rachael Wood, Chinti and Parker co-founder

As it’s so unseasonably cold, all I can think about is a beach holiday on the Amalfi Coast and all the delicious cuisine that comes with it… I also need to wear some of my summer Chinti pieces! 

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