T-shirts and cocktail skirts: the Raf Simons effect

High chic: a simple tee with floor-length skirt or billowing palazzo pants as seen at Raf Simons’ debut collection for Christian Dior, Couture Week July 2012

Those of you who follow fashion will know that the upper echelons of the  industry are in the throes of couture week. This spectacle to end all spectacles has been made all the more exciting by the debut collection of Raf Simons for Christian Dior – his pared back aesthetic and sublime shocks of colour offering the ultimate high chic palate cleanser to predecessor, John Galliano’s historical excess.

The look that launched a high fashion love affair: Raf Simons’ spring summer 2011 collection for Jil Sander

What’s so exciting about the arrival of Mr. Simons at Dior is that he brings a previously absent air of youth to things, something illustrated by his spring summer 2011 collection for Jil Sander in which he paired couture proportioned skirts with simple tees. The fashion world cooed at this sublime execution of modern elegance. Judging by the preferred attire of fashion editors at the couture shows this week – various ensembles of well-cut tees and cocktail skirts – they’re still head over heels for the look, as are we.

(Image source: Tommy Ton for Style.com)

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele rocks a high octane skirt and simple tee

(Image source: Tommy Ton for Style.com)

Temper florals and paisley with, you guessed it, a well-cut tee