Chinti chats to La Petite Anglaise blogger Ella Catliff


Ella wearing wide collar T

When and why did you launch La Petite Anglaise?
I launched La Petite Anglaise in May 2010 when I was going to intern in Paris with French brand, Baron Baronne. I had been thinking about starting a blog for ages and felt that finally I had something slightly more interesting than my own wardrobe and shopping dilemmas to blog about!

And what is it about the French style that appeals so much?
I know it’s a bit of a cliché but the French do effortless chic in a way that nobody else can. Regardless of whether they’re twenty-something hipsters rocking Isabel Marant in Le Marais or Grand Dames wearing vintage Dior couture in St Germain des Pres, French women (and men for that matter) just have this air of insouciance about them that I find incredibly stylish.

We love the French style too and recently blogged about Inès de la Fressange and her daughter Nine. Who is your Parisian belle de jour?
Hmmm, that’s a difficult one as there are so many but I’d have to say Clemence Poesy, she absolutely embodies the Parisian style I wish could pull off.

Which Chinti styles do you like most?
Another difficult one! I’m obsessed with stripes and absolutely adored the boatneck striped sweaters you did for SS12. At the moment I’m also coveting the playful, ‘heart’ style you did exclusively for Colette Paris.

Do you have a personal motto?
I have lots of personal mottos. It’s never too early for a glass of Pinot Grigio, you can never pay too much for a beautiful handbag, why buy one pair of shoes when you could buy three… If I had to choose just one I’d probably have to go for a cheesy option and say that there’s no point regretting anything ever, life’s just too short.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
I think my last answer probably made my guilty pleasures pretty clear! I also have a bit of a long standing obsession with Abba that I don’t exactly shout from the rooftops.