A Little Bird Came to Visit

by chintiandparker

Daisy Garnett at her desk

Goodness, what a great Monday it’s turning out to be: glorious sun, general post-weekend cheer and a surprise visit from the lovely and very talented  journalist, Daisy Garnett. You’ll no doubt recognise Daisy’s name from bylines in Vogue, The New York Times and the Telegraph, but her visit today was very much in reference to A Little Bird, the arts and style website she shares with former Vogue colleague, Francesca Martin.

Restaurant entry from A Little Bird

If you’ve not visited A Little Bird, then we have three words for you: Do. It. Now. Launched in 2010, it offers culture-rich pearls on where to eat, where to shop, galleries to visit, books to read, where to holiday and more, but with one conspicuous omission: fashion. Described by The Guardian as a cross between Radio 4 and Vogue, A Little Bird is an in-the-know lifestyle portal that sees way beyond glossy veneer; there’s high style, sure, but scratch the surface and you get warmth, intelligence and soul. The F-word has its moments (we’re talking fashion), but style will always prevail.